Practice Guide
How to Deal with CRA Tax Problems
Access to information applications
Application under Subsection 220(2.1)
Arbitrary Assessments
CRA Duty to Assess with Due Dispatch
CRA Administration
CRA Duty of Care
CRA information requests
CRA Publications
Gross Negligence Penalties
How To Correct Tax Errors
Indirect verification of income
Net Worth Assessments
Notice of Objection
Reassessments Time Limitation
Tax Assessments
Tax Filing Deadlines
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Tax Remission Applications
Tax Return Filing
Taxpayer Rights
Third Party Tax Liability
Tax Appeals and Litigation
Appeals to Tax Court of Canada
Burden of Proof in Tax Litigation
Canada Revenue Agency and the Private Law Duty of Care to Taxpayers
Challenging Tax Legislation
Court jurisdiction
CRA alternative ground of assessment
CRA Duty of Care Claims
CRA Jeopardy or Collection Orders
Judicial Review Applications
Litigation Settlement
Rectification and Rescission Applications
Tax Court Decisions - Appeals to Federal Court
Taxpayer relief
Tax Evasion
Illegal Income
Offshore Tax Informant Program
Tax Fraud and Evasion Charges
Tax Investigations
Unfiled Tax Returns
Unreported Income
Unreported Offshore Assets
Unreported Offshore Income
Voluntary Disclosure
Tax Planning and Minimization
Business Taxation
Environmental Taxation
Estate Freezes
Family Breakup
Family Trusts
General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR)
Goodwill Crystallization
Guarantee Payments Deductions
Housing Loans
Income Splitting
Intergenerational Tax Planning
International Tax Planning
Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption
Manufacturing and Processing Tax Credit
Municipal Taxation
Non-Taxable Windfalls
Personal Taxation
Private Pension Plans
Professional Corporation
Real Estate Tax Planning
Retirement Planning
RRSP Meltdown
Sale Of Business
Self-Employment Income
Shareholder Loans and Benefits
Small Business Deduction
SR & ED Tax Credits
Superficial Loss Rules
Tax Credits
Tax Planning for Commercial Litigation
Tax Shelters
Taxation of gifts
Taxation of Limited liability corporations
Testamentary Trusts
Will and Estate Planning
Year-End Tax Planning
84.1 Surplus stripping rules
85.1 share for share exchange
Butterfly Reorganizations
Partnership Rollovers under 97(2)
S.85 Rollovers
S.86 Share for Share Exchange
Tax Deferred Savings Plans
First Home Savings Account (FHSA)
Homebuyers Plan
Registered Disability Savings Plan
Residence Issues
Becoming Non-resident of Canada
Departure Tax
Non resident tax returns
Non-Resident Carrying on Business in Canada
Non-Resident Speculation Tax
Non-Resident Taxation of Canadian Real Estate Income
Residence Determination
Sports Taxation
Tax Treaties
Withholding tax on non-resident interest income
Capital Gains
Allowable Business Investment Loss (ABIL)
Capital Dividends
Capital Gains on Death
Capital Gains Reserves
Capital Gains versus Income
Deemed Disposition
Involuntary Dispositions
Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption
Principal Residence Exemption
Purchase and Sale of a Business
Spousal Rollover
Superficial Loss Rules
Tax Treatment of Expropriated Property
Accountants Compared to Lawyers
Alcohol Taxes
Alternate Minimum Tax
Budgets and fiscal updates
Construction Taxation
Digital Tax
Employee versus Contractor
Gambling Income
General Anti-Avoidance Rule
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Luxury Tax
Municipal Tax Abatement
No Privilege for Accountants
Partnership Taxation
Personal Services Business
Shareholder Loans
Small business taxation
Solicitor-Client Privilege
Sports Taxation
Tax Installments
Tax leaks
Tax Reporting Requirements
Tax-free amounts
Taxable Benefits
Taxation of Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency or Digital Currency
Taxation of Canadian Immigrants
Taxation of Charities
Taxation of Crowdfunding
Taxation of eBay and other shared economy income
Taxation of Gifts
Taxation of Law Suit Settlement
Taxation of Online Income
Taxation of Usufructs
Taxation on Death
Third Party Advisor Penalties
Transfer Pricing
Year-end Key Stories
Information for Accountants
Incorporation for Accountants
No Privilege for Accountants
Third Party Advisor Penalties
Uncertain Tax Positions
Cross-Border Issues
Business by Non-Residents in Canada
Corporate Residence
Foreign accrual property income (FAPI)
Foreign Buyers Tax
Foreign Reporting Requirements
Non Residents and Canadian Real Estate
Non-Resident Athletes
Non-Resident Trusts – Requirements to file T1141
Requirement to file T1134
Requirement to file T1135
Tax Treaties
Transfer Pricing
Withholding Taxes
Collections Limitations GST
Digital Tax
Director Liability
Director Liability
Director Liability
Director Liability
Director Liability
Export Sales and GST/HST
Gross Negligence Penalties
GST on Amalgamations
GST rebates on bad debt
GST Registration Requirements