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Arnold & Porter
Beatriz San Martin talks about the challenges life sciences companies face today when navigating patent protection. Companies are coming up against concerns about when to file patents;
Kilburn & Strode
We're taking you on a journey through the history of software patents in Europe, through the lens of pop culture. By zooming out and looking at the big picture of what the EPO has taught us over the years...
Novagraaf Group
Le 17 juin 2022, l'OEB a publié les résultats de son évaluation factuelle et quantitative de l'impact économique potentiel de l'introduction d'un délai de grâce dans le système européen.
Novagraaf Group
L'OEB a publié, dans un communiqué, une liste révisée des États dont les ressortissants bénéficient d'une réduction des taxes afférentes à la recherche internationale et à l'examen préliminaire...
Dennemeyer Group
At first glance, the topic of trademark eligibility seems obvious: Only business and product names can be trademarked.
Russian Federation
Gorodissky & Partners
The story started back in 2019. At that time, SUGEN, INC. and PHARMACIA & UPJOHN COMPANY Pharmacia Upjohn sued Nativa, a Russian company, The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation...
Moroglu Arseven
In Turkey, pharmaceutical products for human use cannot be marketed unless they are authorized by the Ministry of Health ("MoH"). In order to grant pharmaceutical license and marketing authorization...
Gun + Partners
As per the EPC definition, a substance or composition that is already known to have been used in a "first medical use" may still be patentable for any second or further use...
This article describes a valuation methodology for calculating the contribution that an entire portfolio makes to the overall value of the company...
Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP
Nuclear fusion has long been heralded as a safe, efficient, low-carbon source of energy, which uses starting materials which are abundant on Earth.
Keltie LLP
It is now a month and a half since WIPO ST.26 was adopted as the standard for sequence listings disclosed in a patent application. While the new standard brings a number of advantages...
Marks & Clerk
I hope you will excuse this slightly unusual 'M&C Reacts' post. Whilst this is a forum usually reserved for my colleagues and I to share our IP related insights, I am also grateful for an opportunity to talk ...
The Mintel Sustainability Barometer for 2022 was published today (16 August). It features trended data and insight on consumers' sustainability attitudes and behaviours across 16 countries.
Can '#zombiebrands' come back to life? Why do such brands cause problems for #trademarklaw? Find out this and more on episode 4 of our #FashionablyIP #podcast...
Marks & Clerk
My interest in law in general stems from childhood discussions with my mother, who worked as a conveyancing paralegal. However, it was during the honours year of my biotechnology degree...
Haseltine Lake Kempner LLP
It's August and a time of year when many of us remember excitedly boarding planes destined for far or not-so-far away destinations as part of our school summer holidays.
Herbert Smith Freehills
The creation ("minting") and sale and use of NFTs raises many IP issues which we have discussed in our previous posts in our IP in NFTs series.
Marks & Clerk
Having worked in the photonics industry before joining the patent profession, I have some appreciation of the long-standing challenges associated with the manufacture of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) ...
G 1/19's requirement that the technical effect be present throughout the scope of the claim is understood as meaning that when a patent application is drafted...
Marks & Clerk
A "multiple dependent claim" is a claim which depends on more than one previous claim, for example, "The apparatus of any one of claims 1 to 3...". Similarly, a "multiple multiple dependent claim"...
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