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Elias Neocleous & Co LLC
Our firm recently published a presentation of its HR philosophy in the Insider magazine. Adapting to modern needs, our HR department focuses on maximising the value that individuals themselves
L&E Global
The groundbreaking Climate Law adopted at the end of August 2021 contains provisions that modify certain human resources management practices:
lus Laboris
We invited Pascal Lagoutte, partner in our French firm, CAPSTAN Avocats, and chairman of the Ius Laboris alliance, to talk to us about managing operations in France from an HR perspective.
lus Laboris
Board members in Germany cannot currently suspend their mandate temporarily in case of pregnancy, sickness or to care of a sick family member. However, this is about to change as a result of the initiative #stayonboard.
lus Laboris
With an economy closely linked to Russia and a currency connected to the ruble, Kazakhstan has already taken a big hit since the war began.
CSB Group
It is often the case within organisations, that strong contributors get promoted to team leaders or managers.
MJH Moskwa, Jarmul, Haladyj i Wspolnicy sp.k.
The beginning of 2022 is rich in legal changes affecting HR relations. What's new for employers and employees this year in Poland?
Osbornes Law
Our spanish client was the front seat passenger in a car driven by her husband which was involved in a high-speed collision on the English motorway. She sustained multiple fractures and catastrophic brain injuries,...
Ersoy Bilgehan
The Regulation Relating to Shipyards, Boatyards and Dry Dock Areas ("the Regulation") has been amended through a new Regulation (the "New Regulation")
Proper payroll management is key to ensuring your employees are paid on time and your legal obligations are met.
Shoosmiths colleagues Andy Graham, Amy Anderson and Amy Leech discuss what hybrid working is and why this option will be of interest to employers going forward.
Shoosmiths colleagues Andy Graham, Amy Anderson and Amy Leech discuss the revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR.
Maples Group
In July 2019, the European Commission's new framework for cross-border distributions of investment funds entered into force and will apply in each EU Member state by 2 August 2021.
Boyes Turner
Welcome to another edition of Training Times, focusing on what's happening in the world of the HR Training Academy
A Power of Attorney is a legal document where a person – the donor – gives another person the right to make decisions on their behalf.
A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows an individual to appoint another person to act on their behalf to manage their affairs.
W Legal
Employers need to ensure that the right people with the right skills are recruited for roles within the organisation.
Brahams Dutt Badrick French LLP
On 25 January 2021, we held a webinar looking at the top 10 things for employers to know about in 2021. Here you can access the BDBF 2021 Roadmap for HR,...
lus Laboris
At some point, Covid-19 will be behind us. We're not there yet, but our preparations for a post-Covid world need to start now if our businesses are to find ways to survive and thrive.
TMF Group BV
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