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Michael Kyprianou Advocates & Legal Consultants
A bundle of eight Bills is currently under assessment by the Parliament's legal committee, whose enactment into law would see a fundamental change in Cyprus's Family Law.
The trustees of four trusts, known as the Y, V, W and X Trusts (together the Trusts) approached the Jersey Royal Court (the Court) to seek its blessing in respect of a momentous decision.
Carey Olsen
Under Jersey's customary law rules, the heirs of an estate traditionally have a period of year and a day from the deceased's death or the date of the grant of probate or letters of administration...
CMS Pasquier Ciulla Marquet Pastor Svara & Gazo
Law No. 1.448 of 28 June 2017 on private international law, published in the Journal of Monaco on 7 July 2017, substantially modified the rules of conflict of laws and jurisdictions existing before the reform.
MGC Legal
Kişinin kendisinden beklenen sadakat ve evlilik birliğinin doğurduğu yükümlülüklere aykırı davranması sonucu boşanmaya belli bir oranda neden olmasına boşanmada kusur deni...
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
Every year, Resolution, which is a community of around 6,500 family justice professionals, holds a Good Divorce Week.
Divorce is never a pleasant subject to address but it's a reality and it has to be faced. This begs the question of what separating couples need to keep in mind if they have children.
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
There are many issues for separated parents to consider when raising their child. Taking their child abroad for a holiday or moving abroad permanentl...
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
Experienced mediators and solicitors, Lauren Hall and Louise Connolly discuss how best to prepare for your first mediation and what to expect.
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
When undertaking divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership reaching a good financial settlement is vital. Russell-Cooke partner Hannah Minty explains how a private FDR (Family Dispute Resolution) can help.
Albert Goodman
During a recent meeting with a new client I asked if they have Wills in place. "Why are you asking?" they replied, "lawyers do Wills, not accountants."
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain
This update is designed to keep you up to speed with developments in the private wealth world.
Boodle Hatfield
It is an increasingly common dilemma of the digital age; the intentionally anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies make them notoriously difficult to deal with in the context of divorce proceedings.
Boodle Hatfield
The number of divorce applications filed in the month of March is 21% higher than January, dispelling the belief that January is peak divorce month*...
Winckworth Sherwood
Testamentary freedom – the right to leave your estate to whoever you choose – is the cornerstone of succession law in England and Wales.
Giambrone & Partners
Sir Andrew McFarlane, the President of the Family Division, announced in May 2019 that he was heading a review of the current reporting arrangements in the Family Courts.
Winckworth Sherwood
The family court statistics for the first half of this year have now been published and there continues to be an increase in the number of cases started in the family courts...
Albert Goodman
Although partnerships are the most used business structure within the agricultural community, they are frequently misunderstood and can result in dispute...
Russell-Cooke Solicitors
On the Halloween theme, family associate Harriet Collins advises on "nightmare" legal issues that can arise following a divorce or separation.
Albert Goodman
"One day son, all this will be yours!" maybe a tired, stereotypical (and probably outdated) phrase stated by a farming father to his son coming of age...
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