On October 10, 2023, the Directorate General of Imports, Ministry of Trade of Turkey (DGI) initiated the end-of-term review investigation on anti-dumping duties concerning cored wire products of basic metal with a flux core, used for electric arc-welding, imported from Vietnam.

The investigated goods are cored wire products of basic metal with a flux core, used for electric arc-welding, classified under HS code 8311. originating from Vietnam. The petitioner is Oerlikon Welding Electrodes and Industry Inc, representing the domestic manufacturing industry in Turkey. The company's application was filed on behalf of its domestic production branch. Therefore, the petitioner can be referred to as the "domestic production branch" in communications from DGI.

Parties receiving the Investigation Questionnaire have 37 days from the date of issuance of the notice to submit their responses. The deadline for responses is November 16, 2023, according to Turkish time.

Turkey initiates the end-of-term review investigation on anti-dumping duties on welding wire products from Vietnam

In 2018, Turkey issued Public Notice No. 2018/8 on Unfair Competition Prevention in Imports in the Official Gazette dated June 3, 2018, No. 30352, initiating an anti-dumping investigation on "cored wire" products originating from Vietnam.

On October 27, 2018, the investigating authority issued investigation determinations with anti-dumping duties ranging from 21.15% to 29.65% depending on the extent of dumping by each company.

The 2023 end-of-term review investigation aims to determine whether the cessation of anti-dumping duties would lead to the continuation or recurrence of dumping in Turkey, causing injury to the domestic industry.

After initiating the investigation, notices of the investigation opening were sent to known manufacturers/exporters located in the investigated country, the Embassy of the investigated country in Ankara, and known importers of the investigated product identified by the competent authority in Turkey.

Other interested parties not receiving the notice or those who have not yet received it can obtain relevant information about the investigation from the investigating authority's website.

All written and oral communications regarding the investigation are conducted in Turkish. Except for answers to the questionnaire, any information, documents, opinions, and requests submitted in a language other than Turkish will not be considered.

To safeguard the rights and interests of Vietnamese businesses, companies involved in the case need to proactively register and fully cooperate with DGI throughout the investigation process. Collaborating with a reputable law firm specialized in anti-dumping and trade remedy in Vietnam is essential to protect the rights of businesses.

The DGI notice can be downloaded here.

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