On November 18, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") voted unanimously to require text messaging service providers to allow their subscribers to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline via text to 988, a crucial breakthrough that was over a year in the making.

LB3, led by partner Kevin DiLallo, represented the National Association of the Deaf and a coalition of over 30 disabilities rights organizations filing as Communications Equality Advocates (CEA) in successfully persuading the FCC to reconsider its initial rejection of the request to mandate text-to-988. Advised by LB3, CEA was instrumental in demonstrating the critical benefits of text-to-988 to the FCC, as acknowledged in the November 18 Order.

This action will especially benefit youth, minority communities, the LGBTQ+ community, and of course those with speech or hearing impairments. Text-to-988 will save lives.

Lifeline's counseling services will be available via text nationwide by mid-July 2022.

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