What a Post-Pandemic Health Care System Could Look Like
Second Edition

Seyfarth is pleased to provide you with the second edition of a signature publication, The Future of Health Care in the US: What a Post-Pandemic Health Care System Could Look Like. This comprehensive treatise, written by a cross-departmental team of attorneys in the firm's Health Care group, provides updates and new insights into what the post-pandemic world may look like for the health care industry. Authors highlight lessons learned from providers and others who have been at the epicenter of the COVID-19 response, and how stakeholders, regulators, and the public at large will use this crisis to address the disparities in how health care is accessed, funded, and delivered.

Some chapters from the previous edition of the publication have been significantly revised and updated in the wake of recent business and regulatory developments. Content from the second edition also introduces new information and deals with aspects of the industry that had not been previously addressed.

This edition of the treatise is comprised of seven main chapters:

  1. The Evolution of Physician and Health Professional Regulation Following COVID-19
  2. A Turning Point for Hospitals and Other Facilities
  3. Prep Act and Anticipated Impact on COVID-Related Tort and Contracts Litigation
  4. The Effect of COVID-19 on Modernizing Fraud and Abuse Regulation and Enforcement
  5. Back to the Future: What's Next for the Health Care Workplace 2.0
  6. Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Facilities
  7. HIPAA and Privacy Regulation


The team of Seyfarth attorneys behind the production of the treatise includes authors Sheryl Tatar Dacso (Project Co-Lead), Adam H. Laughton (Project Co-Lead), Ashley K. CanoJesse M. ColemanChris DeMeoWilliam B. EckKristin G. McGurnCynthia J. MitchellAndrew M. PaleyDrew del Junco, and Elizabeth J. MacGregor.

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