Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday look at what's happening in the world of legalized marijuana. This week, the news centers around Florida and Ohio, as both states grapple with ballot initiatives. We also note that the country of Albania has legalized medical cannabis. And finally, it's all aboard the Cannabus!


Several weeks ago, we promised "further bulletins as events warrant" in the Florida ballot initiative situation. So let's check in and see where things stand. Advocates of the initiative have garnered the required number of signatures from voters in the required number of Congressional districts. Now, the state Supreme Court must decide if the initiative as written meets state requirements. The state's Attorney General takes the position that it does not, and requested more time to write a brief to that effect. The Supreme Court granted that request, and the current filing deadline is August 2. Polling shows a majority of Floridians support legalizing adult-use cannabis, and the market could be quite large, if the initiative makes it onto the ballot and voters approve it. Once again, further bulletins as events warrant.


Meanwhile, the state of Ohio also has a ballot initiative drive to contend with. Supporters of adult-use legalization fell just short of the signatures needed to put a measure before the voters, and they've been given a 10 day period to obtain the final 679 signatures they need. If they are successful, the measure would appear on the ballot this year, and only a simple majority of votes would be needed for the measure to pass.


Turning our attention to Europe, we see that Albania has legalized the use of medical cannabis. The country's Parliament passed the bill with a significant majority, but it appears that the new industry may be more focused on attracting foreign investment and exporting cannabis than on developing a local market.


After a state legalizes adult-use consumption, attention often turns to where cannabis may be consumed. Public use is often not allowed, leading customers to head home with their purchases. But suppose you want to gather with your friends for some herbal refreshment as part of your wedding celebration, game time gathering or business outing – where can you do that? In Denver, the answer is: the Canna Cabanabus. You need to bring your own supply, although if you're part of a wedding party, you can take the bus to a dispensary. This is only the fourth license for a mobile marijuana consumption lounge the city has issued, but in a time of declining sales, perhaps the idea will catch on more broadly.

Be well everyone – we'll see you next week!

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