1. What Trademarks may be registered in Nepal?

A trade mark is a mark used or proposed to be used for or in connection with goods or services to discriminate such goods or services from other goods or services. A mark can be any brand, heading text, word, sign letter, numeral, slogan, shape, color or combination of these.

  1. What marks may not be registered in Nepal

The following Trademarks will not be registered in Nepal:

  • Trade marks that undermine the prestige of any person or organization.
  • Trade Marks which are likely to prejudice the decency or morality of general public.
  • Trade marks that comprises any scandalous or obscene matter;
  • Undermine the national interest or the reputation of the trademark or any other person
  • The mark is already registered in the name of another person;
  • Any Non Traditional Trademark (NTTM) i.e., Audible Sign (Sound Mark), Olfactory mark (Smell Mark) and other Invisible signs