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Braumiller Law Group, PLLC, is a highly respected boutique law firm based in Dallas, Texas with offices in the US and Mexico. The firm is focused on international trade compliance and proven strategies to optimize global trade business practices. The attorneys and trade advisors of Braumiller Law Group, and Braumiller Consulting Group, know exactly how to navigate the intricate maze of global trade regulations, and have a successful track record for helping clients save millions of dollars in compliance penalties.
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14 Dec 2021 Webinar: Texas United States

Join ICPA, and Global Partner Braumiller Law Group with Tuttle Law for an informative webinar on: International Trade, the Current and Future Landscape What to Expect in 2022

Adrienne Braumiller and George Tuttle III will cover:

  1. CBP Forced Labor Enforcement, what it means for you
  2. Detangling Country of Origin Rules – Non-preferential Rules of Origin for Goods from Canada and Mexico
  3. What’s new with Section 232 and 301 Trade Remedies, will they ever go away?
  4. Customs Mod Act II – What the future might hold for you

Q&A to immediately follow the presentation

Registration: simply click the link below.

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