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AXIS Fiduciary Ltd
Preserving wealth across generations is a daunting challenge that is further exacerbated by factors like family disputes, creditors, taxation, bad investments, and prodigals.
J-K Gadzama LLP
Private Client Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Nigeria, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
South Africa
Schoemanlaw Inc.
For most couples, the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone you love stirs a lot of excitement. However, the moment a partner gets on one knee to propose, legal consequences flow.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
Since South Africa is a highly sought after tourist destination, home to many asylum seekers and with many South Africans working abroad, we encounter foreigners on a daily basis.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
More often than not, parties to a marriage do not give consideration to the marital regime that will be applicable to their marriage.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
With an increase in couples getting divorced over the national lockdown period, knowing your rights and the processes involved is of the utmost importance.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
Getting married is an exciting journey for any couple seeking to spend the rest of their lives together. However, not every marriage has a happy ending, and one needs to be prepared...
Schoemanlaw Inc.
South Africa is a country wherein the right to freedom and security is protected by the Constitution.
Schoemanlaw Inc.
When someone whom we love passes away, the last thing the family needs is stress about the division of the deceased's estate. In many cases, the deceased passes away intestate (without a will) and ...
Adams & Adams
We often read or hear stories on social media or from friends about fathers of children born out of wedlock finding it difficult to assert and exercise their parental rights and responsibilities.
United Arab Emirates
Hassan Elhais
In the recent changes, a new decree-law on Personal status for non-Muslims in the emirate of Abu Dhabi has been enacted (hereinafter "New Decree").
Hassan Elhais
The federal law number 3 of 2016 on child rights (also known as the 'Wadeema law' or 'UAE child protection law') was enacted in the UAE in order to ensure that all children in the UAE...
Hassan Elhais
The UAE Personal Status Law defines ‘inheritance' as ‘the imperative devolution of the property and financial rights upon the death of their owner to those deserving' (Article 313).
Hassan Elhais
Abduction in legal terms refers to ‘taking a person away by means of persuasion, fraud, or force'. It can also be an act of unlawful interference with a family relationship, such as the taking of...
Hassan Elhais
Infidelity is one of the grounds for divorce and in fact it remains one of the major grounds for filing for divorce. That said, however, much depends on how infidelity can be proven before the courts.
Hassan Elhais
Divorce is not an easy process to go through as a family. However, sometimes divorce becomes a necessity for the couple, as they may have reached the crossroads in their marriage and it might...
Hassan Elhais
Divorce process in the UAE allows for meditation steps before proceeding with litigation. The UAE Court system, in fact, requires meditation as an essential and mandatory procedure that the parties...
The next generation of African entrepreneurs could lead to a maturing of the continent's family office sector, explain Directors, John Félicité and Kenny Curpen.
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
In the previous article on family trusts a lot of questions have been asked by various individuals. These were questions arising from areas which were not comprehensively articulated in that article.
ChimwaMurombe Legal Practice
Adultery is voluntary sexual relations between a party who is legally married and a person who is not their spouse.
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