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Discusses the current state of privacy law. What would a tort of privacy look like? Implications for medical practitioners.
Holding Redlich
Explores the main legal issues that athletes & sporting organisations must be aware of when collecting & using data of athletes.
Holding Redlich
Privacy audits are important & worth the investment – where to you start? 2 case studies discussed.
Holding Redlich
The scheme set out in the DAT Act was introduced to allow greater flexibility in sharing public sector data.
Holding Redlich
Data Privacy Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Australia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Cooper Grace Ward
Because it has an Australian link, Facebook is within the scope of the Privacy Act. Recent case discussed.
Astor Legal
When is it legal to record a phone call? What is a listening device? Why record? Evidence? Defences.
Herbert Smith Freehills
Cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent, varied and menacing each day. The consequences for the unprepared can be dire. It is essential that you start planning your cyber-response well before the first strike occurs.
Herbert Smith Freehills
Now, more than ever, litigation risk related to data breach incidents is something that should be kept front of mind for businesses.
Herbert Smith Freehills
Trust is a critical part of any relationship. Businesses' relationships with their clients and consumers are no different. But the concept of trust in a corporate context is a fragile one.
Piper Alderman
Taking steps to prevent or manage data breaches may reduce adverse effects and mitigate a potential lost reputation.
Stacks Law Firm
Under the OS Act, the eSafety Commissioner has new powers to pursue and penalise anyone found to be breaching the new laws.
Travis Schultz & Partners
If the Queensland government is not using the data, then perhaps residents should have a general right to privacy.
Davies Collison Cave
The collection of biometric information requires customer consent and must be "reasonably necessary" for the store's functions or activities.
Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia
There are a range of remedies available to protect individual confidentiality which are outlined here.
Holman Webb
The OAIC report emphasises the need for entities to continually improve their approach to preventing data breaches.
Holding Redlich
A look into the obligation to notify affected individuals of a data breach using the Service NSW example.
Bartier Perry
The Tribunal ruled a local council breached Information Privacy Principles when a complainant's identity was made public.
Frost Brown Todd
Our prior podcast episodes detailed how China, Russia, and to a lesser extent India have created barriers to the free flow of personal information across borders.
Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia
The Opal card is a pay-as-you-go system, enabling transport across NSW on public trains, buses, and ferries.
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