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Cooper Grace Ward
Transcript & link to video discussing whether you should be freezing your joint bank accounts if you have recently separated.
Stacks Law Firm
You can impose conditions in your will but there are provisos which are discussed here.
Stacks Law Firm
It may be wise to seek urgent legal advice to resolve property interests with your ex-spouse prior to receiving an inheritance.
Cooper Grace Ward
Link to video & transcript of interview discussing whether a person can make a Will if they are incapacitated.
Bennett & Philp Lawyers
Part one in a series of articles that will address some of the common issues and mistakes that seen in family law matters.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
The Court has shown how it can intervene when the parents of a child disagree about whether or not their child should be vaccinated.
Bartier Perry
Leading case & legal position on vaccinations generally. Recent cases addressing the issue of the COVID vaccination for kids.
Kalus Kenny Intelex
The 2022 decision of Radney & Radney [2022] FedCFamC2F 53, is a timely reminder about the importance of formalising family law property settlements, even where there is agreement and assets have already been divided –
China's three-child policy officially came into force in May 2021.
Hong Kong
Withers LLP
According to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department , in 2019, 35% of marriages in Hong Kong were remarriages. The pandemic also brought a spike in divorce rates as couples' marriage soured.
Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
The United States' counsel general to Hong Kong and his husband recently announced the birth of their son. The couple expressed their gratitude to residents for their "kindness and support" after becoming fathers.
Withers LLP
Hong Kong has had the reputation of being a modern, international city enshrined with western values of democracy and freedom. As pluralistic a society as Hong Kong is, however, it falls...
Charles Russell Speechlys LLP
Private Client Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Withers LLP
Hong Kong's population is rapidly ageing, posing many legal challenges for families with loved ones with deteriorating mental capacity.
Boase Cohen & Collins
The latest round of school closures in Hong Kong in response to the Omicron-driven fifth wave of coronavirus infections will have produced sighs of exasperation from affected families.
Vaish Associates Advocates
As per Section 63 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925 ("Succession Act"), every testator, not being a soldier employed in an expedition or engaged in actual warfare, or an airman so employed or engaged...
S.S. Rana & Co. Advocates
The Hindu Succession Act, 1955 came into force to make the laws of succession under the Hindu Law, which under the purposes of this law covers Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, followers of Arya Samaj and Brahmo Samaj...
S&A Law Offices
The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) implies a single law for all the citizens of the country applicable to their personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance,...
Khaitan & Co
The Bombay High Court (HC) in a recent decision in Bhagyashri v Jagdish [Writ Petition Number 2527 of 2021], upheld the decision of a lower court decreeing ‘maintenance pendente lite' and permanent alimony in favour of the ex-husband.
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