Jones Day
NSW Court of Criminal Appeal rules that any admissions made in civil proceedings can be used in future criminal proceedings.
Gilchrist Connell
This decision potentially broadens the scope of what a respondent needs to disclose when given a PIPA notice of claim.
Hall Payne Lawyers
The Commissioner concluded that Cathay Pacific adopted a "fundamentally wrong" and "selective" approach to the clause.
Sydney Criminal Lawyers
The NSW Premier announced that certain liberties would not be available to those who have not received both vaccine doses.
Terminating a lease needs a careful consideration of rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant to end the lease.
Koury Lopes Advogados
The guide gathers a select group of firms and experts, globally, to disseminate legal know-how to an audience of lawyers around the world.
Koury Lopes Advogados
O guia reúne um seleto grupo de escritórios e especialistas, a nível global, para disseminar know-how jurídico a um público composto por advogados ao redor do mundo.
Koury Lopes Advogados
The guide gathers a select group of firms and experts, globally, to disseminate legal know-how to an audience of lawyers around the world.
Aird & Berlis LLP
Since the Government of Canada approved several COVID-19 vaccines in December 2020, businesses have been tentatively planning a return to normal operations.
Barrett Tax Law
Under Canadian tax law, directors of a corporation can be held personally liable for certain components of a corporation's tax debt which the corporation cannot pay, such as in the case of an insolvency.
Barrett Tax Law
When a non-resident of Canada earns income from a rental property or disposes of a real property in Canada, the tenant or purchaser may be required to withhold certain amount of tax which is usually 25% and remit that to the CRA.
Miller Thomson LLP
The European Union announced a series of ambitious plans that has been dubbed as the "European Green Deal."
WeirFoulds LLP
In Russell v The Brick Warehouse LP, 2021 ONSC 4822 Justice Vella of the Superior Court of Ontario awarded a terminated employee $25,000 in moral damages due to the employer's unfair dealing during the course of termination.
Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP
In the recent case of Canada v. Deans Knight Income Corporation, 2021 FCA 160, the Federal Court of Appeal addressed the object, spirit, and purpose of subsection 111(5) of the...
Many foreign companies engage original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") in Mainland China to manufacture their products exclusively for exports purpose only and do not distribute their products...
2021년 8월 31일, 중국 텐센트(腾讯, Tencent)社는 공식 위챗 계정을 통해 ...
2021년 9월 2일, 중국 베이징시 지식산권국(北京知识产权局), 베이징시 시장감독관리국(市场监督管理局), 2022년 베이징 동계올림픽 및 패럴림픽 조직위원회(
2021년 8월 18일, 중국 알리바바社가 저작권을 거래할 수 있는 대체불가능토큰(NFT) 마켓을 출시하였다고 시나(sina) 통신이 보도함 ...
2021년 8월 27일, 중국 중앙선전부(中宣部) 저작권관리국(版权管理局)은 저작권 집중관리 업무회의를 개최하여 저작권집중관리단체(著作权集体管理组织)3
2021년 8월 13일, 중국 기술거래소(베이징 지식재산권거래센터)(中国技术交易所(北京知识产权交易中心))는 ‘전국 지식재산권 및 과학기술성과재산권 거래
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